Über die Bedeutung von Feedback

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„Kindness doesn’t mean avoiding critique.

Ask, „What kinds of details — facts, examples, or illustrations — would help your reader better understand your position?“ It’s more helpful than saying, „You need to show more effort in your writing if you want readers to value your position.“ How we phrase feedback impacts how it’s received.

Relevant feedback makes the most sense.

Specificity of feedback helps the person understand its relevance. As with the quoted example above, focusing on the specific kinds of details that will be most helpful illuminates a clear direction. Vague feedback leaves behind confusion and resentment.

Combining these three components — constructiveness, kindness, and specificity — helps establish a strong working relationship between those giving and receiving feedback.“

Quelle: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/timely-feedback-now-or-never-john-mccarthy